The Boeing Trust and Safety Team proudly presents

2024 Williamsburg Bridge Marathon

Back and gnarlier than last year. Night of Aug 23, 2024. Complete Details to come...



Expect 1-2 emails with event specific details in the week leading up to the race. All stored email addresses will be deleted after the event.

True to our roots


No Entry Fee


No Aid Stations


No Event Permit

But with a fresh new twist


Unknown race distance


Real cash prizes

How does it work?

The 2024 Williamsburg Bridge Marathon will be a random distance between 10 and 40 miles. Shortly after the race begins, organizers will generate a random number between 10 and 40. This number will be published X*4.5minutes after the start time of the race.

Example: if the selected distance is 32, the announcement will be posted online 144 minutes after the start of the race.

In order to be eligible for prize money, racers must:

  • Submit a Strava file that begins at the start time of the race and completes the full distance.
  • Distance will be determined by the number of full bridge laps in the file, NOT the distance reported by Strava.

2024 Course Preview

We took your feedback from the 2023 course and we're committed to bring you even more of the good stuff. The 2024 course offers up to 53% more river crossing action.

† Note: Depending on the final course distance, racers may actually receive ~63% fewer crossings than last year. If this is the case, complaints can be filed directly with the random number generator on


  • Start on the Manhattan Side
  • Run to Brooklyn Side
  • Run to Manhattan Side
  • Run to Brooklyn Side
  • Run to Manhattan Side
  • Run to Brooklyn Side
  • Run to Manhattan Side
  • Run to Brooklyn Side
  • Run to Manhattan Side
  • Repeat Indefinitely!

Elevation Preview

The course features a number of famous hills, including: Williamsburg Bridge Climb (Manhattan Side), Williamsburg Bridge Climb (Brooklyn Side)

Complete logistics to come...

questions/requests/complaints: williamsburgbridgemarathon<at>gmail<dot>com